Animals Heroes


by Christine from California

Some people assume that in order to be a hero you have to be big or strong. That is not the case for four year-old terrier mix Bambi. When she was just six months old, Bambi did something very cunning and smart. Most of her life she had been timid and loving and never thought of seeking adventure or being outgoing in any way. She was born in Buffalo, New York and was brought home by a family from Ohio when she was just one month old. Ever since then she had been shy and dependent.

When Bambi was just six months old, she went camping by a lake with her new family, two adults and two children, one being two years old. One day they were all near the lake and Mark, the toddler, wandered into the lake when no one was looking. A minute later Bambi saw him about knee deep in the water, and going in deeper. She immediately went and searched for the family and then she barked until they followed her. She led them to the boy in the lake, who was now about up to his stomach in the water. The family rushed in to get him. The boy was saved with no scratches. The dog was greatly rewarded and has been thought of as a hero in the eyes of her family ever since.

Bambi is still with the same family. She is happy with two other companion dogs. She is four years old and is expected to have a long, happy life. She has an ear infection that is so bad she will, over the next few years, go completely deaf. Despite her painful ear infection, she in very happy and has developed a sense of curiosity and adventure. Bambi is my hero because Mark is very sweet and I would be devastated if something happened to him.

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