Tomaz barada

by Gregor from Maribor, Slovenia

A hero must be strong and clever, he must solve all problems in his life. My hero, Tomaž Barada, is the world kick-boxing champion and he was also the second best in taekwando.

First he started with kick-boxing and then with taekwando. With two trainings a day he was very good for his age. He is a strong man now and he accomplished many things in his life. At first he took part in the European Championship and he won it. Then he went to the world cup and he won it, too. The Slovenian music group YO-ZO have written a song about him.

Tomaž is my hero because he is very strong and he is never scared. He is my hero because he never lets the problems go, he fights to the end. Because of him I started with karate.

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