Barbara Rolen

by Tyson Boyette from United States

122989Barbara RolenPhotographerBarbara Rolen has always been recognized as a hero. She is a registered nurse at Mary Black Medical Center, a grandmother, and a widow. She has been nursing for over 20 years, and a mother figure for 14 years. As of June 14, she will have been a widow for about six years. Though it has been so very long, she continues to think of her husband, Butch, every day.

With the job of being a nurse, Rolen’s life is extremely busy. “It is very stressful, considering I work in the ER, but I still enjoy it,” she said. Rolen’s husband was the rock in her life before he passed, and he was her stress reliever.

Mrs. Rolen can still recall the day her husband died. “I was shocked and dismayed the day he died,” she said hesitantly. “But I did not feel bad for too long because I knew that with our faith, he was in a better place.” She felt at peace with the fact that Butch was no longer in pain. He had finally gotten to pass on to a far better place in her opinion. “It was very bittersweet. I knew that I would not get him back in this life, but he would be waiting for me with the Lord.”

Rolan credits her faith and the support of her grandson for getting her though the grieving period and being able to move on. “I keep my mind on my faith. I do not think that being a widow is so bad, especially if I am able to meet my husband again the day I pass.” She said that she prays continuously. “When the going gets tough, I ask God to help me. If I’m still down and out, I speak about it with my grandson. He may be young, but he can still do a lot of good.” she explained.

While Butch was living, Rolen and her husband had many accomplishments together. “Me and Butch got a lot done,” she said. One of those things was of course working for the hospital. “We worked together for over 20 years. Now, I just recently got my degree, so I’m very proud of that.” Above all, she said that her best achievement was raising her grandson, Hammer Rolen.

Despite being a widow, Rolen tries to keep a positive outlook on life. “I try to stay positive about it. I know that I don’t have the physical touch of my husband, but I know that he is with me every day.”

Rolen has done an amazing job, and she deserves a pat on the back and a thank you, not only for being strong though the struggles of life, but for continuing to be a positive influence on people. Thank you, Mrs. Barbara Rolen.





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