by Diana from Herrin, Ill.

“Each Barney episode emphasizes language and cognitive development, physical activity, and social interaction.” - Educational Research and Development Director May Ann Dudko, PhD
Barney teaching
Barney teaching

A hero to me is someone who makes a positive difference in someone’s life. Barney is my hero. He has helped in the development of young children’s lives. Barney is a very exciting dinosaur who always has something new to teach. He’s a very caring, loving, and motivating dinosaur.

Barney and Friends
Barney and Friends

Barney was created in 1987 in Dallas, Texas, by a former teacher named Sheryl Leach. Leach wanted to create educational, yet entertaining, videos for preschool children. Barney was going to be a cuddy bear that came to life. Leach noticed her toddler sons' growing excitement over dinosaurs at a museum exhibit, so Barney became a purple dinosaur.

Barney’s first home videos were released, one year after his creation, in 1988. Then "Barney and Friends" got its start on PBS in April 1992 and became the No. 1 preschool show. It now shows in over 100 countries and is still one of the top-rated shows for preschoolers. "Barney Magazine" was made in 1994.

Barney has helped teach children about friendship, sharing, cooperation, respect for others, good manners, self-esteem, as well as good health and good safety habits. During the end of each episode, Barney restates the lesson the show taught that day. He has also helped expand the imagination of young children.

Barney With Kids
Barney With Kids

I would like a hero who is caring like Barney. He always helps little kids with their self-esteem, health, and teaches them to be safe. I would also like a hero to be loving. Considering how many viewers he has, you can tell that he is one lovable dinosaur.

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