by Josh Figueroa - Senior - from Corona, California in United States

Tough one to pick. I am afraid this answer might be too basic, but it is what it is. My hero and also my favorite character in all fiction is Batman. I know this is a lot of people's favorites, but maybe there are some who think he is overrated and are just over it. Hopefully, I can give some unique insight from my perspective. The big reasons I chose Batman are because of the different stories and for his relatability.  

Some of the best stories that Batman has brought to life always involve Batman being tested with his never-ending battle of crime. Obviously, there are a lot of incarnations, but something that seems to be a constant is how different of a hero Batman is in his early years. From the start of his caped crusading career, he is always rageful and fights crime almost as a twisted form of therapy. Often mistaking the definition of what he believes is a hero. It is not till he mentors Robin that he kind of changes his mission statement so to speak. From causing harm to others, that crime caused him to fighting crime to create a better life for the less fortunate in Gotham. “The Dark Knight (2008)” and “Batman: Arkham City (2011)” are notable examples of Batman being tested to his core. Batman in both of these stories, he is forced to come face to face with his no-kill philosophy. Batman sees the damage in these individuals and rather than just kill them, he wants to give them a chance at recovery.  

Batman resonates with me and a lot of people because he is relatable. How many superheroes have zero superpowers? Okay, maybe something that is not so relatable is the fact that he has basically mastered every skill known to man it seems like. Nonetheless, the idea of a man standing up for what is good in a world of corruption is powerful. He is someone who has endured tremendous loss and struggles to move on from it every day ever since. Sure, a lot of heroes in fiction have experienced loss. However, Batman is relatable about it, for the fact that he carries that burden so tightly and for so long. He is not perfect by any means. In fact, a lot of stories go into how he really does what he does out of a selfish nature. He is not someone like Superman, who is a symbol of hope. Batman is a reminder that even though we can go through hard times, it is crucial to keep getting back up and fighting. This idea can apply to many other things in life. Whether it be failing a test or losing a house. If Batman can’t back down from a fight, then I should aspire to do the same.  


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