BAYCAT Academy

BAYCAT academy is a nonprofit social enterprise based in San Francisco that provides education, and creates jobs and access to low-income youth, youth of color, and young women who want to become storytellers and filmmakers.

What Is Jerkin?

Produced by:Tyre Brown
You don't know what Jerkin is, til you see this!

Teenage Motherhood Today

Produced by:Nikki Quion / Directed by: Vivian Chau & Katherine Violago
In this documentary we learn about teenage motherhood, how it's portrayed in the media, and what life is like as a young mom.

Having a Meal with my Ancestors

Deion Chaudhary
In this short, the filmmaker reflects on the ancestral history, knowledge and consciousness passed down through a traditional dish.

This Is Me

Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Alex Sorto
Alex appreciates his new opportunities and gives back to his community by sharing knowledge with other teens

Find a Way

Produced by:BAYCAT
"Find a way" music produced by the BAYCAT Fall 2017 music performance class. Video produced by the BAYCAT Fall 2017 youth filmmaking class.

Just to Get Away

Produced by:BAYCAT / Directed by: Ginger Chen
The BAYCAT filmmakers and musicians shot this music video at Angel Island.

Start Ups and Downs

Produced by:John Paul Mackey and Melissa Millan
This piece addresses gentrification, and how the Bay Area tech boom has affected locally communities, focusing on the Mission.

Reach for the Stars

Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Ginger Chen
Reach For the Stars was written by the BAYCAT musicians, specifically for young people who don’t think they have a bright future. If your head is down, look up and reach for the stars!

Temptations: The Lure of Perfection

Produced by:Cyrus Nazari
The dangers of steroid use are many.

Seen Not Heard

Produced by:Ming Gao / BAYCAT
How do we create a more just society where women and girls are seen and heard?

Sustainable Flow

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary examines alternative forms of transportation and how those sustainable practices can positively impact our lives.

Eu Sou Capoiera

Ambar Miranda
In this short, the filmmaker reflects on the role of Capoeira in her life and identity.


Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Isabella Vallero
How does social media affect social change?

Swap Film .Co: Behind the Shutter

Naomi Garcia Pasmanick
Emmanuel Blackwell III establishes SwapFilm.Co, a small film processing company that also creates a tightly knit community of San Francisco photographers

The Stats of Life

Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Hugo Castillo
In this documentary, Hugo Castillo explores his concerns about his own future and being able to make a living in the film industry.

I Wish My Education Taught Me...

Produced by:Nathan Leung, Chloe Pressley, Jasmine Strain, Sojo Titus, Alicia Par...
In a time of social turmoil, the youth are listening and formulating their opinions.

Tinted Minds

Produced by:Lupe Hernandez and Leanne Wu
Tinted Minds is about three Bay Area high school students and their thoughts on colorism (the concept of being treated differently by the lightness of one's skin color).

Statement of Truth

Produced by:D'Arion Curry-Matthews/ BAYCAT
Youth filmmakers of color (ages 12-17) interview black and latino media creators on the state of race relations and media representation today.

Finding Your Voice

Produced by:Luz Rioja, Carlean Savea, Gabriela Portillo
A look at queer culture in San Francisco. BAYCAT VIDEO

News Travels Fast

Produced by:BAYCAT
A short Documentary about how technology and social media help communities in times of hardships, and keeping communities up to date with current events.

Even the Playing Field

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary highlights Lull Mengesha and how Ethiopian culture has shaped him and helped him obtain success.

Just Maybe

Produced by:BAYCAT / Directed by: Anthony Rivas
The BAYCAT filmmakers and musicians shot this piece at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area.

Take a Look at Yourself

Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Bechy Choi
In this music video, BAYCAT youth media producers take a deeper look at the mainstream media and its flaws.

Generational Shift

Produced by:Fox Nakai, Eden Roberts
This documentary examines the youth led climate march and student walkout of 2019 and the importance of youth engagement in community organizing for social change.

You Are a Good Foster Parent If...

Produced by:Bonita Tindle, Tony Contreras and Juliet Velarde
Created in a partnership with Fostering Media Connections, this documentary tells the experience of 3 youth who have been through the foster care system, and two foster parents. Together they provide tips on what it takes to be a good foster parent.

Vida De Vida

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary highlights how Bay Area artist and jewelry designer, Vida Vazquez is creating a more diverse and inclusive art industry.

RePainting the Mission

Produced by:BAYCAT
A short documentary on the issue of displacement in the actively changing Mission District in San Francisco, CA. Produced by the Fall 2017 Youth Filmmaking program.

Bridging the Gaps: Connecting Young Adults to Housing and Services

Produced by:Ala Taha
Home sweet home has new meaning for many because of the efforts these heroes.

Higher Education

Produced by:Fox Nakai
Two youth discuss rising tuition costs and other concerns around access to higher education. This documentary examines the need for universal education and how it impacts the 2020 election.

75 Cents to Ride

Produced by:Laron Davis
Thoughts on how long the journey forward really is.

1 minute @ Baycat on Framing


Produced by:Tomas Reyes, Nisa Sanders, and Gleighton Armah
A short documentary discussing the different Chinese food traditions celebrated and honored in San Francisco.

The Beach: My Diary

Produced by:BAYCAT / Directed by: Alia Gabrielle
In this short film, Alia talks about her love for the beach and the special relationship she has with it.

The Perfect Mayor

Produced by:Ginger Chen
A positive ideal for the perfect mayor.

That Family Thing

Produced by:Miguel Rivera
In this film, Bonita talks about her experience with foster care, and what it's like to get to know her birth family.

Tech-Free for a Weekend

Produced by:Stella Gutierrez
Carrie Leilam Love takes BAYCAT's challenge to go technology free (no screens) for 48 hours.

Cream's Cuts

Produced by:Fox Nakai
Chris Cream is a cream of the crop barber and shop owner in the Dogpatch of San Francisco. This documentary examines the intersection of barbering and community.

Passing of the Flames

James Parker-Pennington
A short documentary exploring the cultural celebrations and traditions of Diwali and Dia De Los Muertos.

Divided Democracy

Produced by:Fox Nakai
A group of youth discuss a current issue and their differing views in hopes to find a middle ground.

Common Cents

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary examines the impact of the gender pay gap and how to end it in the 2020 election.

My Journey

Produced by:Luz Rioja
Jennifer is 11 years old and has moved 8 times in her life. This documentary is about her life and how she has dealt with moving around as much as she has.

Beginning of Community

Produced by:BAYCAT
A short animation on the importance of community beginning with family.


Produced by:BAYCAT
A short documentary discovering what it means to identify with multiple communities. Produced by the Fall 2017 Youth Filmmaking program.

Indian Gold

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary profiles how a 24-year old, queer, Indian immigrant is creating a more just and equitable spice trade.

Why So Low

Produced by:Frank Nelson, Angelica Escobar, Edgar Ulu, Fernando Torrez, & Donel ...
Why aren't more inner city students graduating high school?

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