by nuria bueno from madrid

I am going to talk about my grandmother. She was born in 1947. She lost her father because of a heart attack in 1963 when she was 16 years old. In April 2004 she lost her mother (this caused a big emotional fall in her life); in 2015 doctors detected cancer in her husband's stomach and before two years of fighting, he died in November 2017 at the age of 72.

I chose her 'cause I think she is a clear example of fight and hope. She has had a difficult life but she is still helping family and helping us out of problems or bad days.

One phrase that she always says is: ¨Eat more that you are very skinny and if you had born in my age you would already be dead.¨

In conclusion my grandmother is very special for me 'cause she is always there when you need it. 

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