Bill Belsey

by Dusty from Calgary

Bill Belsey (
Bill Belsey (

Mr.Belsey is my grade five teacher. He has done a lot to help the world such as create . It is a place where you can share information on how you feel and how to stop bullying. He has also created .It is about children who were and are forced to be soldiers in war. If they refused to fight, the people that forced them to go to war would kill their parents.

Bill Belsey in China ( about/images/imgChina.jpg)
Bill Belsey in China ( about/images/imgChina.jpg)

I think Mr. Belsey is the coolest teacher. He made a Web site for our class called .It has been so much fun making stuff for it. These are some of the most important Web sites that were ever created.

Mr. Belsey is my hero because he is always doing something to help others. He changed my way of thinking, and he never gives up. He has introduced us to authors and people on and a puppet lady.

He makes every subject fun no matter what it is. I really like the way we are always using computers and technology. I have learned many new and exciting things this year. Mr. Belsey always has a smile.

Mr. Belsey has been my most favourite teacher and he always will be. He makes school interesting and fun. I always look forward to tomorrow. I hope in the future, I will have other teachers like him, but he’s a hard act follow.

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