Bill Belsey

by Jesse from Calgary

This is Bill in Iqaluit (
This is Bill in Iqaluit (

My hero is my grade 5 teacher, Bill Belsey. He has been, like, all over the world helping people. He is a bullying expert and created National Bullying Awareness Week.

Bill also created which is a site where you can see what former bullies, victims, bystanders and other people have to say about bullying. On you can even play a fun game where you can create what your bully looks like! Anyway, Bill is a really cool guy who would fly, like, halfway around the world to fix your bully problems. I, too, have had bully problems and Mr. Belsey helped me enormously. He is a true hero.

Another reason why I find my grade 5 teacher a hero is because he is modest, funny, and can tolerate you for quite awhile. I think these are true hero qualities. He doesn't do all these things to get himself awards or to be in the newspaper or anything like that, even though he has been in the newspaper many times and has received lots of awards. He does it because it is definitely the right thing to do.

Bill in a meeting. (
Bill in a meeting. (

Bill Belsey always tries to make everything the class does more interesting and fun. For instance, instead of a book report, he let us do a puppet show biography and then we made them into movies!! It was really fun. I think he believes everything in life should be more fun, and I agree. There are too many bad things happening on the planet Earth and not enough good things. He is committed to stopping bullying altogether and being committed is a heroic quality. Living without bullying would be one more step towards peace on Earth.

This is Bill with the Prime Minister. (
This is Bill with the Prime Minister. (

The small things you do can change the world. Be like Mr. Belsey and be almost an unknown hero. The people whom you help will know you and remember you. That should be good enough for your heart.

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