by Jocelyn Guzman from Fort Collins, Colorado in United States

My hero is my dad. Benito was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and he grew up in a ranch in Mexico called Soyatan. He would go to school and work long hours after that to help himself and his family. Today, he still has his family over there and also some in Washington State. He has made many friends that now feel like family, and he is very grateful for that. My dad is a hero because he worked so many hours every day to make his family happy and so we can live a life he wished he lived. My parents divorced and he started working even harder and longer to help my siblings and me keep having this amazing life. Finally, he is always telling me to never give up on your dreams because they come true.

My dad is the best person ever and he is very nice. My dad was raised in a house with a lot of siblings and family so he had to work at a young age and a lot of hours after a long day at school to help his family live a better life in a ranch. He has learned from that, and he now knows if you work hard enough, you get what you dreamed of. He also believes that you should never give up on your dreams because they come true if you work hard for them.

My dad is also my hero because he still worked harder and for a reason: to make his kids happy and be able to have a house to sleep in. It is hard for him sometimes to be alone all the time. He has gone through a lot, and he is still here working hard for his family here and his family in Mexico.

Lastly, my dad is the best to me because he is always telling us how he started working and that he made money to make his family and himself happy. He is also telling us to make our dreams come true and to never give up because then you won't get what you want. You have to keep working harder and harder so they come true.

My dad is the best person ever. I wouldn't be this motivated to do things if he wasn't here. He makes us so happy and I do have an amazing life. He works so hard for his dreams and that makes me want to work as hard as he did. He says now no matter what, keep working because you never know, something can happen and that will make you want to give up but you can make your dreams come true independently, without a loved one with you that you had before. He is a very inspirational person to me and now that I have learned all these things I did from him, I will be able to live my dream life.

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