Animals Heroes


by Jonah from Bethlehem

My hero is my dog Benji. He is very,very fluffy. He is white with a little bit of brown. He is about knee high. He has brown eyes.

Benji is extreamly energetic. He runs around the house all day. He barks at anything even the smallest squiral. He rarely lies down. When he does he doesn't get up.

Benji sometimes drives my entire family crazy. He has to go to the bathroom when every one is doing somthing. He eats way to fast. He drinks way to fast. So we have to feed him to often.

He may not be a real hero but he is to me. He has not writen a good book. He never created a medisin. He is not a great mathmetition or scientist. He is a dog

Benji does a lot if you think about it. He destoys lonlyness. He atomizes sadness. He can turn tears of sadness into tears of joy. That is why he is my hero.

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