Bernice Sandler

by America Mart5inez from Chicago , Illinois in United States

168450Bernice Sandler in 1970, was the first woman to testify before the United States Congress about gender discrimination in education. hero is Bernice Sandler, a woman born on March 3, 1928 (in New York) and buried on January 5, 2019 (in Washington, DC) (90 years old). Her parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia and Germany. Known for Title IX-Women's Rights and Gender Equality, she studied at the University of Maryland, City College of New York, Brooklyn College. And was also active in the Democratic political party and wrote a book called Cold Weather in The Classroom: A Guide to Improving Women's Education.

Bernice Resnick Sandler was an American women's rights activist. She is best known for her instrumental role in creating Title IX, a part of the Education Amendments of 1972, along with Representatives Edith Green and Patsy Mink and Senator Birch Bayh in the 1970s. One of the first things she did from 1969 to 1971 was to work with the Women's Equity Action League to bring sex discrimination charges against 250 schools. In 1970, she filed a class-action lawsuit against all universities in the United States. This lawsuit was the beginning of Sandler's career working for equality in the workplace.
Sandler has been a part of many "firsts" in the fight for gender equality. In 1970, she was the first person to testify before the United States Congress about gender discrimination in education. Shortly thereafter she became the first person appointed to staff a congressional committee specifically for women's rights issues.

Honestly and personally I chose this heroine because she is a clear example that if we can fight for the rights that women represent or have, it makes me a super interesting person with many goals who only wants the best for women and for me personally it changed me Quite as I thought because before there was a lot of tension in me because in my old town there was a lot of machismo and violence against women. That makes you see that women are not just objects and we have rights like everyone else, and Bernice Sandler only did what anyone could do if she had enough. In so many places, she is clear, very strong and a great example for any woman. She inspires us to move forward and make ourselves see and be treated like everyone else in general without machismo. If she had had the privilege of meeting Berenice, she would ask her what inspired her to do all that? If I manage to complete her objective? What do you think about now? Do you think she could have done more? Are you satisfied with what she did?

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