Bernice Williams

by Keiora Williams from Bronx, New York in United States

145233Life of Bernice WilliamsGail WilliamsMy name is Keiora Williams, and I am 20 years old. The person who I call my hero is my grandmother Bernice Williams, who passed away on July 3rd, 2017, and she was from Trinidad and Tobago and the job that she had before she retired was nurse, so she knew how to take care of other people. My grandmother had 9 kids and she also had 18 grandchildren. A few things that I would remember about my grandmother are that she would always talk about how many grandchildren she had to her neighbors, and they would be so surprised. Another about my grandmother is that every morning she would have her tea, wheat bread with butter and have her word search by her side and she would always make sure that her plants were watered before she went anywhere. I would call my grandmother my hero because she knew how to bring the whole family together if there was any conflict and make sure everyone forgave each other, because my grandmother did not like having negative energy around the family. Also, she made sure everybody ate and made everyone feel comfortable. My grandmother loved to talk to random people about life and what she has gone through in her life, and she knew the right thing to say when people were sad, and she showed me that you should always treat people with kindness because you do not know what someone is going through behind the scenes, and that is why my grandmother is my hero. 

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