Artists share their unique vision of heroism on the MY HERO Gallery

View original artworks by professional and student artists that successfully illustrate the lives and courageous acts of heroes who promote change by positively affecting others and their communities.

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Student hero art selections

Rising Seas by Laguna Beach High Students

By: 55 students
The Sea Level Rise Educational Installation by LBHS students was a part of the Laguna Art Museum’s Art & Nature event in November 2017.


By: Traven Sherrod

Celebrating two leaders who Pursued the advancement of Civil Rights

Emma Gonzalez by Madeline Chu. Boys & Girls Club, Laguna Beach

By: Madeline Chu

High school student Emma Gonzalez, Spokesperson for March For Our Lives

My Mom

By: Tammy Zack of Taft High School

My mom is my heroine because she tries to balance her home and work life. 

Shetterly Portrait Award Winner - Artist and Activist Tom Block, Founder of the Human Rights Painting Project

Sojourner Truth

By: Tom Block

Dalai Lama

By: Tom Block

Robert Shetterly -  Artist Founder of the portrait project

Americans Who Tell the

Cesar Chavez

By: Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth

Sojourner Truth

By: Robert Shetterly

Martin Luther King, Jr. By Robert Shetterly, AWTT

By: Robert Shetterly
Portrait of Civil Rights Leader MLK Jr by Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the

Rosa Parks

By: Robert Shetterly

John Lewis

By: Robert Shetterly

Pete Seeger by Robert Shetterly,

By: Robert Shetterly
Portrait of musician activist Pete Seeger

Ben Heine's Hero Portraits and Themes- Belgian Artist with a Global Perspective

Child of the Universe

By: Ben Heine


By: Ben Heine


By: Ben Heine

Peace by Ben Heine

By: Ben Heine
Illustration of Peace theme by Ben Heine

Nelson Mandela-Freedom, Peace by Ben heine

By: Ben Heine
Portrait by artist Ben Heine of the global leader and South African peacemaker Nelson Mandela that illustrates the themes of Freedom and Peace

Global Warming by Ben heine

By: Ben Heine
Belgian artist Ben Heine illustrates world issues in his drawings and brings attention to Global Warming in this satirical portrait

African Mosaics of Uganda Created from Dried Banana Leaf Fibers

The Good Mother by David Basasira

By: David Basasira
Basasira has created a mosaic that compassionately portrays a Ugandan mother at her family tasks from dried banana leaves

My Little Village

By: David Basasira of Uganda

A beautiful rendering of the artist's community

The Kiss by David Basasira

By: David Basasira of Uganda
These birds of Marabou stock are an interesting species to see. First of all, they are very big and tall.

Feeding Me for Life

By: Julio Lukwago of Uganda

The artist's father has taught him the art of survival- how to fish!

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-Victoria Murphy was the founding director of the MY HERO Arts Education Program and Gallery. This video gives her overview of mission and resources.

The MY HERO Project
Victoria Murphy explains her vision and passion for using Art to tell inspiring HERO stories.

The MY HERO Gallery invites professional, emerging and student artists from around the globe to contribute your original hero artworks. The MY HERO Project will publish your appropriate original images that celebrate your heroes and  the organizations that support positive social change.  

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