Best of the Gallery 2017

Hero Art from over 20 years of The MY HERO Gallery

2015 Shetterly Portrait Award Winner - Tom Block, Human Rights Painting Project

Sojourner Truth

By: Tom Block

Dalai Lama

By: Tom Block

Robert Shetterly - Americans Who Tell the

Cesar Chavez

By: Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth

Grace Lee Boggs

By: Robert Shetterly

Rosa Parks

By: Robert Shetterly

Howard Zinn

By: Robert Shetterly

African Mosaics of Uganda

Feeding Me for Life

By: Julio Lukwago of Uganda

The Good Mother

By: David Basasira,Uganda

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Invitation to Upload Your Hero Art

The MY HERO Gallery invites professional, emerging and student artists from around the globe to contribute your original hero artworks. The MY HERO Project will publish your appropriate original images that celebrate your heroes and  the organizations that support positive social change.