Betty McDonald

by Sara CL from Ottawa in Canada

For me a hero is someone who you look up to and inspire to be. Personally I have a few people I look up to. The person I'm going to write about is my great grandmother Elizabeth McDonald, otherwise known as Betty or Grandma Betty to me. She has inspired many people in her lifetime as a teacher, a family member and a great friend. Betty also teached many students, overcame depression and has literally saved a life. 

Betty was raised on a farm with her family. When she was age 18, she began teaching in Green Valley full time until 1975, with 28 years and a half of teaching, then another 8 years of supply teaching. After her retirement she took on volunteering and learning courses at many places to take up her time and is most known for her time at the heart and stroke foundation. In her lifetime, Betty raised six children, became a grandmother to 9 and a great grandmother to 8 for now. Betty also went through bad depression when my grandmother, Lorna, was sick and there was nothing she could do to help her. She even saved her three year old sister Margaret from drowning in the river when they were little.

My great-grandmother is a very strong and talented woman, she has learned a lot of great things in her lifetime and she is a great example of a hero to many. She has inspired a lot of minds to try new things and make the good of situations. That is why I think she is a great hero to look up to.


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