Bill Gates

by Horacio L from Eden Prairie, Minnesota in United States

When you think of a rich person, you would probably think about Bill Gates because he’s a billionaire. Bill Gates isn’t my hero because he’s super rich, it’s because he’s a really intelligent and a really nice person. Bill Gates has donated MILLIONS to charity. Bill Gates grew up in Seattle, Washington with his mother, father, and two sisters. Bill was always interested in computer engineering. When Bill was 13, he made his first computer program. Gates enrolled in Harvard University, but then he dropped out to do pursue his passion of technology. He made a company. His company would focus on developing software, and making computers cheaper and smaller, something other companies had not thought of, or made. He made Microsoft. Bill became the richest man in the world. Bill retired in 2006 from his company. He became a philanthropist. He gives away MILLIONS to charity and organizations. He didn’t keep the money for himself, he gave a lot of it away. That’s why he’s my hero.

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