Bill Gates

by Sebastian Avila Cabal from Cali in Colombia

"I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act" (Bill Gates). Throughout his life, Bill Gates has taught people life lessons, helped people through his foundations, and earned respect and trust from the world. When appearing on stage, he talked about how to change lives. Offstage he spread his foundations and good thoughts changing people's lives and making a mark in society. Gates created a small company at a young age but that company is now the 23rd largest company in the world at this current day. Bill Gates, an American business magnate and much more, is a true hero because he was determined and had a purpose for changing the world.


Bill Gates was born on October 28th, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. William Henry "Bill" Gates the 3rd is his full name but he is called by Bill Gates. To this current day, Bill Gates is and has been an American business magnate, entrepreneur, investor, author, and philanthropist throughout his life. To this current day, Bill Gates is putting work into his foundations to help people with their health problems. He attended Lakeside school from  1967 to 1973 and from there he attended Harvard College which was from 1973-1975. William Henry "Bill" Gates left college early with his partner, Paul Allen, and founded the largest PC company, Microsoft. It went from a little company, with two people working on scripts,  to a very successful company after a lot of time and hard work from Gates and his Allen. Gates was asked by Steve Jobs to work on an exclusive software for Apple only. When Gates went to create "Windows", he was accused by Steve Jobs of stealing his work of what Gates built for Jobs. He got accused for stealing his own work but Gates said that what he had created was different. Bill Gates has made a big difference in today's culture and has made his mark in society.


Bill Gates is dedicated to helping people through his foundations, which he has created. The foundation is called the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The foundation is the largest philanthropic organization in the world which is a $43.5 bn dollar trust. "The organization tackles international and domestic issues, such as health and education" (Bill Gates Biography). This organization has the purpose of helping people with symptoms or health problems such as malaria and polio. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation also helps control the spread of tuberculosis and HIV.  Bill stepped down from Microsoft to put his focus and attention into this foundation. "Gates continues to devote much of his time and energy to the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" (Bill Gates Biography). Bill and Melinda, as a team, have become an aspect for the improvement of lives in the world's poorest countries. Many awards and achievements have been earned by this lifesaving foundation. Bill Gates in considered an hero because of helping people overcome their health issues. "...he also began to think seriously about how to communicate the complex problems the foundation was trying to simple ways that most people could understand" (How Bill Gates Radically Transformed His Public Speaking And Communication Skills). Their foundation was awarded by President Barack Obama. "In 2016, Gates and his wife Melinda were recognized for their philanthropic work when they were named recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented by Barack Obama" (Bill Gates Biography). He didn't think of how much money or time this would take to help people, he just did it. After adding up all these qualities, it comes into focus of what makes Gates a true hero in people's hearts.


Bill Gates can also be called as a public speaker and a philanthropist. When Bill talked, he talked about how to solve extreme poverty, childhood deaths, and global health care in easy ways so people could understand. Gates focuses on these topics through the Gates and Melinda Foundation and it helps millions of people. This makes Bill Gates an hero because he cares about others. He wants to make people's education and health better by helping them. His public speeches are meant to be so the general audience can try to help by putting a hand in the general issue. An example of how Bill Gates helped poverty was by creating a way to drink water made from human poo. This would be helpful to the poor communities and villages because most of their water could come from the excretion of farm animals through tough times during droughts and other issues. "The Microsoft founder is backing the development of a new kind of low-cost sewage treatment plant, ideal for use in developing countries" (How Bill Gates Radically Transformed His Public Speaking And Communication Skills). William Henry "Bill" Gates tries to spread his words of wisdoms to help lower based societies come up to meet the expectations of a higher based society. This is another reason that helps contribute in Bill Gates being an hero.

 Being born in 1955 and growing up as an argumentative kid through his childhood, Bill Gates went through a big path of difficulties to get to where he is today. He started of with programming and hacking skills. Those skills turned into him going to Harvard pursuing his dreams of being a programmer. He dropped out of Harvard halfway through and with his partner, they started a company of their own. Gates is asked by Steve Jobs to create a software for him but later gets accused of using that idea to create his own program called Microsoft. These events were the main start of Bill Gates life into the company industry. Bill Gates was determined to make something out of his life and he did. Bill Gates, an American business magnate and much more, is a true hero because he was determined and had a purpose for changing the world.

Gates is an inspiration to me as a person who helps make others' lives better. "Great communicators understand one fundamental rule of persuasion - complex ideas must be communicated simply" (How Bill Gates Radically Transformed His Public Speaking And Communication Skills). When Gates talked, he made sure that his audience knew what he was talking about. He fought for the right thing with the right words. He shows a purpose and demonstrates of how a modern day person can become a hero in people's hearts. Bill Gates spent a lot of his time and money in helping people. By the time he has died, he has planned to give away 95% of his total money. His inventions and foundation have helped millions of people change their lives around in different ways from bad to good. I think of Bill Gates as a person who brought a spark of light to the dark society. He changed technology, thoughts, and much more through what he achieved. Bill continues to make a difference in the world. He has left many legacies such as Microsoft, but the foundations and public speaking have made a great impact in modern day society.


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