Performing Artist

Billie Eilish

by Nila from Prishtina

A person I admire is Billie Eilish. Her music is depressing but I think that her music is calm and chills me out and that inspired me to sing. Now I know so many songs by her. Some of my favorite songs of hers are Hotline Bling, TV, Blilie Bossa Nova, Therefore I Am, When the Party is Over, Bellyache, Happier Than Ever, Oxytocin, I Didn't Change My Number, Six Feet Under, Bored, No Time to Die, Your Power, My Future, and Lovely. 

Billie Eilish is a famous singer born December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles. Billie was home-schooled by her parents Maggie O'Connell and Patrick O'Connell, so was her brother Finneas. Billie loved to sing, dance, and horse ride. Finneas liked to play instruments, but they didn't have any money. One day in 2015-2016 Finneas wrote a song called ‘Ocean Eyes' and asked Billie to sing it because of her beautiful voice. They recorded it in a studio and uploaded it, and the next day it was so famous they called Billie to win a Grammy award. Billie enjoyed singing and continued singing. She wrote her first album ‘When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go’ in 2018. went on tour for that album she wrote more albums called ‘Don't Smile at Me ‘and ‘Happier Than Ever’. She released a new album called “What was I made for” she only has one song, but she is coming with a new song.

Billie has faced many challenges like Depression, Tourettes syndrome, and a phobia of water. Her biggest accomplishment is that she made people with depression happy and is grateful for her 9 Grammies.  

In conclusion, Billie Eilish is a talented singer I admire Billie Eilish a lot because she struggled with a lot of things and is happy that she has made a lot of people happy with her music. She has a strange pop style they are Goth pop and more. I hope you enjoyed my essay 

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