Animals Heroes

Binti Jua

by Tom from Ortonville

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Everybody was screaming as the 3 year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit. Binti Jua, a gorilla, crawled down her tree, walked over to the boy, and gently picked him up and put him by the door so he could get the medical attention he needed. The little boy whom Binti Jua saved spent four days in the hospital and was then released. Binti Jua's gentleness made her a hero.

A gorrilla (Google Images)
A gorrilla (Google Images)

Binti Jua was born in 1988 at the Columbus Zoo. Her father Sunshine was from the San Francisco Zoo and her mother Lulu was from the Bronx Zoo. Binti Jua was hand-reared at the San Francisco Zoo and, therefore, lacked the mothering skills she would have obtained in the wild. So she was moved to Chicago to be trained as a mother. Binti Jua seems to have learned how to be a good mother.

Heroes come in many different types and kinds. Binti Jua was a monkey but she helped the little boy like he was one of her own and got him the help he needed.

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