Black Panther

by Shashank Godhani from Rajkot in India

My Hero is Black Panther who has protected his country Wakanda on many instances.

Wakanda is a 3rd world country as it doesn't go to war until a country attacks Wakanda where he lives.

Wakanda has vibranium which is only found over there.

He died on 27th April 2018.

He is important to me as he has sacrificed his life for his country and has saved many people as he is the king of Wakanda.

He also has a tech sister who has made many innovations. 

He sacrificed his life for Wakanda when Thanos who has all the infinty stones in the universe had arrived in Wakanda to take the last infinty stone which is the mind stone which was present in Wakanda. After getting all the infinty stones Thanos killed half of the population of universe and so Black Panther died. 

Wakanda Forever

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