Elizabeth Blackwell

by Marcy and Mike

Many people have heroes for one reason or another. Some may be famous and some may be regular people. They might’ve done something spectacular to change the world or they might’ve overcome something hard in their life, but no matter who they are or what they did there are still heroes in our hearts. My hero is someone very special for many women, because she did what no woman was woman enough to do, and that is to let the world know that women can be as good as men. Her name is Elizabeth Blackwell. If it weren’t for her, there might not be any female doctors. She was a real strong person, because no matter what people did and said to her she accomplished her goal.

Back in the late 1800s women were scared to stand up to men, because they thought that men would always be better and smarter than women, they were wrong and didn’t realize it until women like Elizabeth Blackwell decided to speak up and give them a reality check. She wanted to be a doctor and in that time the first female doctor. She believed that women could be as good as many men so she decided to try what other women hadn’t tried and that was to get her own medical degree.

Elizabeth Blackwell was turned down from many of the schools she applied to, until one day she got an acceptance letter from a school name Geneva, which was a medical school. She was the only woman among many men, and of course they all looked down on her and made her feel bad, but still she paid no attention to that and instead stayed focused on her goal.

All female doctors owe her a lot. Without thinking how that would change history, she made a real smart decision to believe in herself, and stand up and speak up that women can be as good as men, or in her case that any female doctor can be as good or even better than a male doctor

Now there are more than enough female doctors out there in the medical field that would’ve never been there if it wasn’t for her. I know when I finally achieve my goal of becoming a pediatrician I will be very thankful to her.

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