Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Blessing's Hero Essay

by Blessing Uzomba from Charlotte, NC

Somebody once said, “A hero is somebody who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Yes, heroes put themselves last and others first. Heroes don’t yell among the streets announcing their actions, but they have raw humility doing their best to help us. Heroes don’t always have to be big and strong, or smart and have super powers, but a real hero you could find anywhere you go. A hero is a person that is brave enough to risk their life to save others; a hero is a role model for people all over the world. Heroes are all around us and their actions reflect their courage and their ability to be a role model.

One of my favorite heroes shows braveness in many ways I have never seen before. Harriet Tubman showed bravery by doing all of her rescuing in private and continued to stay unrecognized until her work was finished. She also managed to escape slavery herself when she was younger, which later influenced her to help others escape. Harriet was brave enough to fearlessly lead the Underground Railroad. Another one of my heroes that showed bravery was Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King wasn’t afraid to speak up for what was right no matter what kind of punishment came with it. For example, M.L.K jr. was one of many who was protesting how whites treated blacks in 1963; Consequently, he was sent to Birmingham jail. Thirdly Rosa Parks showed bravery in so many ways. She refused to move to the back of the bus whenever a white person wanted to sit where she wanted to sit. Mrs. Parks never gave into what other people were trying to tempt her to do. Rosa Parks wasn’t afraid of what could happen to her or the consequences as long as she was doing what was right.          You might need one more sentence to wrap the paragraph up better for both paragraphs.

My heroes are really good at showed great visuals of being a role model. Somebody who stood out to me when I heard the word exemplary was Jesus. Jesus has been an example to all ages of people all over the world by washing people’s feet in the Bible. This shows Jesus serving was others more than himself and showing us we can do it too. Jesus also chose to heal numerous people The second person I thought of was Mr. Schulz. Mr. Schulz shows examples to us by cleaning up the paper towels on the ground in the bathrooms. He is so kind to use up part of his afternoon to pray for us, this is such a great example for us because it shows that we can pray anywhere and anytime.

You can find heroes anywhere; you don’t have to searching in a different country for a hero when chances are you probably have one living with you in your house. Heroes are everyday people who do extraordinary things. Heroes don’t show off their hard work ,in fact, some heroes do their work completely in private. People who can just show little acts of exemplary and bravery are REAL heroes.

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