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Bob Dylan

by Nick Stefanovic Stefanovic from Los Angeles, California in United States

My hero, though my definition of the word changes constantly, has always been Bob Dylan. He is a man of magic, music, mystery, and versatility, and defies being compartmentalized while managing to defy generations - refusing to be sold.

Dylan is an American icon, a national treasure, who has influenced people of all walks of life. The public opinion has been at odds against him so many times. He has been crucified since the beginning for being a man who never backs down. What people have said of his voice, the moves he's made in his career, or even his Jewish lineage - has never made him surrender. In Dylan's words, he'd rather die on his feet than live on his knees. 

Not only has the man proven himself as a creative force of nature - he is a notable survivor of the past. A man who has seen worlds collide, heroes shot, leaders fail us, and told a story from the perhaps the most honest and unique voice in musical history. 

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Author Info

My name is Nick Stefanovic, but I have been performing music under the name "Mr. Pope" for the past several years. I did not choose that stage name; I was given it in the early days of performing the open mic circuit of New York City. I run my own record label Sun God Records from my home, sometimes my cell phone, and am the founder of the conceptual art rock band The People's Love Cult. Since I became active as an artist I have recorded 15 albums entirely self-released and maintained both integrity over my work and creative control.