Aaron Brooks

by Jorden from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Aaron The Great (yahoo/images)
Aaron The Great (yahoo/images)

Aaron Brooks is my favorite quarterback. He plays for the New Orleans Saints. In my opinion he is the greatest of all time. Some people don't agree. He made a couple of mistakes in his career but no one is perfect. I don't care about what other people think, he is my favorite quarterback. He is important to me because he is a quarterback that I look up to. I also like him because he plays for my favorite team, the New Orleans Saints.

Aaron Brooks (yahoo/images)
Aaron Brooks (yahoo/images)

Aaron Brooks has inspired me. Ever since I knew what football was he was my favorite quarterback. He makes me want me to get better at the position. You have to be a leader if you play that position. You have to make good decisions and think well under pressure. That is why I like Aaron Brooks.

The Dome (
The Dome (

My hero played for the Green Bay Packers when he first got drafted into the NFL. He was there for a couple of years. After that he was traded to the New Orleans Saints. He played there in New Orleans for five years. He currently plays for the Oakland Raiders where he will have a great upcoming season.

Aaron Brooks has made a difference in my life by showing his leadership on the field. I have made changes in how I handle situations in games. I ask myself what Aaron would do in this situation. That is how I get through a lot of difficult decisions.

In conclusion, my sports hero is Aaron Brooks. He has inspired me in a lot of ways. Even though other people would say he is one of the worst of them all. He is still my hero.

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