This is the story of a man who can understand and feel horses.

Buck Brannaman

by Mubarak AL Mansoori from Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates

''Solutions to problems often come from knowing when ask for help.''

142251Buck BrannamanPunkToad from Oakland, us / CC BY ( worked with horses for the last thirty years to make them feel safe with their riders. He travels all over the world to help people work better with their horses so they can ride them easily.

Buck is an American who was born in 29 January 1962. He had many accidents with horses since he was 12 years old until he learned how to understand horses.

The love of Buck for horses and the way he treated them was shown in a film called 'The horse Whisperer'. Horses, says Buck, are forgiving and they give people a new hope in life.

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Author Info

I am Mubarak Almansoori. I am in grade 6. I wrote this story on Buck Brannaman because I love the way he treat animals.