Animals Heroes


by Tyler from Dublin

A hero. They can be found anywhere. Home, your community, even inside yourself. A hero is someone who, I think, has courage, loyalty, a kind heart, and is helpful. Here is one of my heroes.

Buck was born in Franklin County, Dublin, Ohio on May 14, 2002. When we bought him, he was a puppy, half labrador retriever and, half black labrador. He is now age 2 in human years and 14 in dog years. He was adopted on July 24, 2002. He was about the size of my foot to my knee. (which is about 14 inches) Now, he is HUGE!!! Buck is now about as big as me! (I’m about ‘’4 ‘8) Here is how he fits my definition of a hero.

My dog, Buck is truly a hero to me. He can demonstrate all of the hero talents that are listed above. He was afraid of this one floor in my house that he absolutely HATES and he walked across it just to get to me! Now that is true courage and loyalty to me. He demonstrates honesty when he knows he did something wrong, he comes out and whimpers. Buck curls up in bed with me and that shows he has a kind heart. He is helpful because one time I lost a toy, and he found it.

If my puppy, Buck, wasn’t here, my family would still be in despair. My first dog Max died in 2002. He was 11 when he died. Buck helped us out of this area. Buck is cool, funny and stupid, NOT TO INSULT HIM but it’s true. He has a pure heart, and that’s all that counts.

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