Eric Buhain

by Courtney from Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Who do you consider a hero? Many people think celebrities are heroes, but they may not be. All heroes are extraordinary. They have done something that is out of the ordinary, and that affects someone in some way. A hero is hardworking, kind, and they are willing to do anything they can to help other people. Eric Buhain, a champion swimmer from the Philippines, is a hero to many Filipinos.

Eric Buhain was born in the Philippines. At first, Eric was not a swimmer. He had Primary Lung Complex, which is a lung disease. His doctor told him he should do a sport that would help his lungs. Eric chose to swim because it sounded like fun! As soon as he started taking swim classes, Eric dreamed of becoming a champion.

As time went on, Eric started getting better and better. He swam at the Sea Games, the World Championships, and the Southeast Asian Games. Eric has even made it to the Summer Olympics! Now many people of all ages look up to Eric and want to be like him. Eric Buhain has finally achieved his goal of becoming a champion!

All heroes possess qualities. Some can be smart, some can be loyal, and some can be dedicated. Eric Buhain has many qualities. He is an inspiration, a role-model, and hardworking. I think Eric is an inspiration because he has inspired many children of the Philippines. Many children look up to Eric and want to be just like him when they grow up, which is why he is a role-model. Eric Buhain is hardworking. He has said, “Nobody is born a champion. Everyone works in becoming a champion.” That is exactly what Eric did.

In conclusion, heroes are people who work to affect someone else in a positive way. They are extraordinary and they give up their own time to help this world. Eric Buhain is a hero to many Filipinos. He inspires children and makes them want to be just like him. Eric Buhain may not be a hero to some people, but he is a hero to me.

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