reggie bush

by Tyler from Georgia, USA

Reggie Bush, the superstar running back, is more than a football star for the New Orleans Saints. He had a really good rookie year and made it to the championship game and almost to the Super Bowl, but he also did many good things for the community.


I could imagine how cool it must have been to get drafted in the first round, second pick, and to be on an NFL team, to find out that you get to be on the same team with Drew Brees and Duece McAllister during his rookie year.

Just weeks after he got drafted, Reggie got involved with Holy Rosary charity in New Orleans and contributed $50,000. He also went on a regular season Tuesday doing nothing but giving food to the homeless. He later in New Orleans gave another $50,000 to a high school and helped to make flood-damaged homes livable again. Every Sunday in New Orleans on gameday big excitement is generated by Reggie Bush and his ability.

Reggie Bush is a hero to me because when I feel like I have nothing to live for I turn on my telivision on a Sunday, and I think there is no one who can run how he runs. When he runs the ball really far for a gain of yardage I always wish I could run like him. Then my feelings about not having anything to live for go away and they turn into feeling like the greatest person in the world.

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