Carla Edwards

by Mallory from Ft. Worth

I think most adults probably don't like kids, especially teenagers. You usually see adults on TV talking bad about teenagers and their attitudes. Carla Edwards is not like that. She loves kids; in fact she has two of her own. She also has a husband, Jason. He teaches my Sunday Bible school class and Carla joins us.

Carla is a very nice person and one that you just want to be around. She is a person that as soon as you meet her you you think "Wow, she's friendly!" When there were visitors at our church, she invited them for dinner at her house. They stayed for only a few weeks. Her friendliness plays a big role in her personality.

Being amiable is not the only characteristic she has. Carla is very smart and has a strong belief in the Bible and God. She helps our Bible class on Sundays and on Wednesdays she teaches us as well. She has been a Christian for 26 years. Her knowledge of these things has and will continue to help me until I am baptized.

Carla has a lot of patience in her. She is normally very quiet when she speaks and remains that way even in a stressful situation. In other words, she doesn't yell. She is patient with the children in our class. Even with her own kids, Carla doesn't shout to try to make a point.

Carla Edwards was the very first person to come to mind when my teacher started discussing role models. People are always saying to go with your instincts, so I did. Her belief in Christianity, her friendliness and patience has made her my role model and hero.

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