Teachers Heroes

Carolyn Harden

by Elizabeth from Chesterton

Mrs.Harden is my hero because she has been my teacher for two years (first and second grade). She is nice, generous, and she has special abilities. Now I will tell you why Mrs.Carolyn Harden is my hero.

Mrs.Harden is nice because she gives us candy(Airheads, and Warheads)when we are good,or when we do deeds. She likes kids, she loves animals, she has a cat that has diabeties, and she gives her cat two shots of insulin. She has been teaching for 30 years.

Mrs.Harden is generous because she picked out my little sister Jessica to be in her class for two years in a row. If somebody is short of money for lunch, Mrs.Harden will give that person some lunch money. I think it is nice of her to teach first grade kids and second grade kids,even though it might be difficult.

Mrs. Harden's special abilities are that she is a teacher, and that she has been teaching for thirty years. It's amazing how she can handle kids for thirty years! She used to have two horses Token and Molly (not sure). But her one of her horses passed away before the school year ended, and the other one passed away before the other one.

This is why Mrs.Carolyn Harden is my hero. The three reasons were she is nice, she is generous, and she has special abilities.

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