Teachers Heroes

Christopher Winkleman

by Zackary from Harrisburg

For our hero we had a lot of people to choose from. A lot of people are heroes for different reasons, for example being a sports star, a brain, or just being really nice. We chose a Christian guy named Chris Winkleman. Chris is a good Christian, he offers to teach kids about Christ, gives good advice, and encourages people to be closer with Christ.

First, Chris is a good Christian. He goes to church every Sunday morning and on Sunday night and on Wednesday nights. He teaches a youth Sunday school class and they get into smaller groups and teach a lesson. He also does his quiet time everyday, which means he reads his Bible daily. He goes on Mission trips with the youth. One time he went with the youth to Branson, Missouri to Extreme Winter 98-99.

Secondly,Chris proposes to teach kids about Christ. He offered to teach a youth Sunday School class. Chris tries to talk to people at school. He invites people to church. Chris also encourages people to get saved and be closer with God.

Third, Chris offers good advice. He asks if you or someone you know needs prayer. If you need to talk about something that's bothering you he will be there to help you through. Chris is always there to talk to and give good advice.

The last reason we picked Chris is he encourages people to be closer with Christ. He goes on FAITH visits that tells people about going to church. He encourages people to read their bibles daily. He also tries to get people to have a quiet time or pray daily.

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