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Laguna Beach, CA - March 26, 2015Jeanne Meyers, Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project has been named a winner in 2015 CableFax Digital Awards for Web Content Director of  

Launched online in 1995, is an award-winning, online educational project that brings together students and adults in more than 195 countries to share stories, art, music and films. 

CableFax Tech Awards
CableFax Tech Awards

The CableFax awards represent the top innovative executives from cable, online video and technology working to advance the cable and online industries. Other finalists in the Web Content Director category: include Andrew Russell and David Washburn, from Time Warner Cable, and Kevin Sullivan, from YES Network.  

CableFax: The Magazine is a quarterly magazine that showcases the cable industry's leaders and top programs.  Each year, the organization honors top executives with CableFax Digital and Technical Awards for leaders who display innovation and progress in social media, digital distribution, app development, technology strategy, web content and other cutting-edge projects.  

Jeanne Meyers - Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project
Jeanne Meyers - Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project

Jeanne Meyers had this to say about the news of the award,

“This honor is a tribute to MY HERO's devoted team of filmmakers, writers, artists, web designers, programmers, students, teachers, and supporters. Working together, we continue to build this online, interactive, multi-media portal devoted to celebrating the best of humanity.  There is magic in this project, and it comes in the form of gratitude from the unsung heroes we shine a light on…it comes from the opportunity we have to meet so many wonderful people of all ages from around the world.  We are thankful for all of the passionate story tellers who contribute inspiring art, music, films and essays celebrating their own personal heroes with our global learning community . The  MY HERO stories teach us important lessons; we see in their light, the possibilities that we each have to explore, create and grow.  Over time. our team has had the opportunity to see, first hand, the powerful ripples one person can make…we are so grateful to all those who help shine a light for a brighter tomorrow.”

Board member, Mark Cavanagh shared his thoughts about the MY HERO web site and project:

"The MY HERO Project is the website...but it is bigger and more powerful than that because it is an idea for the world, to make it a better place and infuse civilization with understanding and hope.  It takes the form of a website with extensions into classrooms and communities, but the idea is broad and open-ended as to the forms it can take.   What is the idea?   Our stories matter, our sources of inspiration matter, and sharing examples of the human spirit rising to challenges reinforces the belief that we can too.   It is a website and educational offerings, book and films and art, meetings and festivals and social media, but the idea transcends the specifics to be a rallying cry for hope in the human spirit."

MY HERO Project board member, Linda Kahn, attended the award ceremony in New York City and accepted the award on behalf of MY HERO.

For more info about the Cablefax Digital Awards winners, visit the Cablefax web site:

The MY HERO Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that hosts the world's largest archive of hero-based stories, short films, music and art. To learn more about the project visit the web site:

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