Cal Ripken Jr.

by James from Anchorage

Cal Ripken all american hero. He is a strong hearted and full of perserverance. He is my hero because he has played 2131 consecutive games in the MLB. He broke a record that was set in 1939 and was consitered an unbeatable record. His durability, attitude, and mastery of the skills of baseball, has made him one of the most respected sports figures of this century.

Calvin Edwin Ripken jr. was born in Haver deGrace, Maryland. After high school, he was signed by the Oriols and debuted with them by 1981. By 1983 he was considered one of the best short-stops in baseball. In 1983 he one his first Mvp award. This is when he started his legendary streak.

Ripken has numerous accomplishments in his baseball career. In 1984 he one an american feilding award for having 583 assists. In 1991 he got the MVP award for the second time. He was also the MVP of the ALL-Star game and a Golden GLove award winner. Through 1995 he had been voted through the all star game 13 consecutive times. These are only Some of his great accomplishments.

What he is most famous for happend from May 30th 1884 through september 6th 1995. He beat Lou Gehrig's 1939 streak of 2130 games. It was the 14th season of the streak and on the 2131st game he received a twenty minute ovation from the crowd. It takes a lot of stmina to endure that many games. Cal Ripken Jr. is a highly respected man in the game of baseball.

Cal Ripken Jr. is a hero because he is kind and strong. He is respectable and caring for others. He is a hero and deserves recognition in the great game of baseball.

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