Carole Clarke Mazer

by Debbi Clarke from West Hills, California in United States

I am hopeful that my sister Carole Clarke Mazer will be acknowledged for her selfless acts on a daily basis. She is an ER nurse at West Hills Hospital, West Hills, California. She is always making a difference in our community by cleaning up litter on our streets. She has also devoted herself (what spare time she has) to helping raise our youngest sister's 3-year-old son, who tragically lost his father almost 2 years ago. She is so passionate and dedicated and never complains. She stays un-flustered while working in the trenches of COVID-19 and manages all of that with a smile. She is truly a hero, making a difference and goes above and beyond for anyone she knows or who needs help. She barely has time for herself and she would not do anything different, as it is truly her life work to be of service and make this a better world.

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