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Celebrating Superheroes

by Students from Corrimal High School

147656SuperheroesFlikrBilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is my hero. Bilbo Baggins, also known as the hobbit, is played by Martin Freeman. Bilbo Baggins was 51 years old during The Hobbit and 129 during Lord of the Ring. He lived in a small village called Hobbiton. He lived by himself in a small house and lived a comfortable life, well, before the wizard came. The Hobbit is a three part movie where Bilbo Baggins is persuaded by thirteen dwarfs and a wizard called Gandalf to help them in an adventure to take back the lonely mountain from the dragon Smaug. Their adventure was intercepted multiple times by the orc leader Azog the Defiler and his orc. Bilbo Baggins found the one ring from the crazy goblin Smeagol/Gollum. He sets out on a journey to try and find the Arkenstone undetected from the dragon Smaug for the dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield. He battles with the dwarfs, elves and humans to kill all the orcs and other monsters in the battle of the Five Armies. Although Bilbo Baggins (at the start of the movie) seemed to be a nobody he turned out to be a big help and with the might of the dwarfs, the wisdom of Gandalf and the sneakiness of Bilbo they reclaimed the lonely mountain and Bilbo returned to Hobbiton safely.

Lance Sterling

Lance Sterling. Movie: Spies In Disguise. Actor: Will Smith. Information: Lance Sterling is a really good spy with Walter on his side, and Lance and Walter both start being spies together to defeat villains. Fun Fact: Did you know Lance Sterling is starting to save the whole world by himself without Walter. Lance is a great spy who searches places. In the movie, Lance starts acting like a pigeon. Friends: Walter, and Agent Marcy.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog was developed by SEGA in 1991, 23rd June and had the name of Mr Needle Mouse. Sonic’s average speed is 767mph. He is the fastest hero, has the idea of freedom and saves everyone from Egg Face. ( And some others, like Mario ) Sonic’s life is in a cycle. Egg man shows up destroying stuff, then Sonic comes in, destroys Egg Man’s robots and saves the day. He is famous for a lot of things. Like games, comics, tv shows, in movies, toys and the list goes on and on and on. His idea of freedom and kicking Egg Man's butt gave me the inspiration to be a fanboy of Sonic. That’s all for today Sonic fans.


Baderalsafar is my hero to me. He is cool and he makes funny videos And he make’s science experiments and he like buying cool sneakers and He has more than 4.8 million followers and he is famous on tiktok and he has over 157 million likes. And he posts on youtube and instagram. He was born in 1991 in the kingdon of bahrain. He started making content back in 2015-2016. Baderalsafar’s net worth is estimated to be Approximately $2 million. He is an animal lover and has a pet dog. And he is 30 years old.

Iron Man

He is famous for being a superhero and a technologist. He is very smart and he can shoot rockets out of his hand and chest and he's very strong. Iron Man is a hero for being brave, strong and intelligent and he fought with the Avengers in nearly all the movies he has been in, including Iron Man, one, two and three and several other movies. He sacrificed himself to save the whole universe from Thanos. He won by snapping his fingers and he said, “I am Iron Man” then all of thanoses fighters disappeared into thin air and the infinity gauntlet with the stones was so strong that it killed Iron Man and he died. People still remember him as a brave hero. He's famous for being very smart. He can build a car easily because he’s very smart and intelligent and strong enough to carry a whole car. Tony Stark inspired us because we can be who we want to be in the world, we can be bad or good or even brave. In many books and movies he became what he wanted to be in the world.


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