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A Chicago Hero

125039Winning a Grammyinverse.comLiving in one of the most segregated cities in America, it can be hard to grow up as an African American in Chicago. Despite the hardships, it is still possible to rise up and have a powerful voice. Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, who goes by the stage name “Chance the Rapper”, single-handedly became a local hero to the same city he grew up in. Born in 1993, Chance grew up in the busy city of Chicago. He has always wanted to be a hip-hop artist, and his dream soon turned into a reality after his high school years. Chance soon moved forward as one of the first major and successful hip-hop artists with no record label, proving his determination. Not only is he a successful rapper, but he uses his powerful voice for modern day issues in America. Doing things for other people and being a generous person overall are two strong traits of being heroic. Chancelor used his platform as a successful rapper to speak up as a humanitarian for the youth in America and was benevolent with his actions.

125030Chance the Rapper with Former President Obama and the First Ladybillboard.comChance is well known in his hometown Chicago as a big humanitarian for helping out with the fortune and opportunities of the youth. Bennett generously uses his success as a rapper to benefit his community: “In March of 2017, the rapper announced that he would donate $1 million to the strapped Chicago Public Schools to support arts and after-school programs like the ones he participated in as a student” (“Chance the Rapper”, Contemporary Black Biography). By donating $1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School systems, Chance the Rapper has been supporting the Chicago youth with more opportunity for participating in arts and extra curricular activities. Being such a successful rapper, Chance was able to use his fortune for the well being of others. His display of his care for other people led to his recognition as a humane person working for Chicago’s citizens. Chance in particular, gives back to the community he grew up in, because he first handedly experienced the hardships in school that today's kids are experiencing. Not only did Chance donate money, but he also used his platform to speak up for the rights of education: “During the press conference, the rapper also discussed the pressing issue of education inequality for students of color. Not only in Chicago, but all across America schools that serve mostly minority students are consistently underfunded in comparison to schools who house majority white students. Due to this reality, teachers struggle to give students the quality education they deserve so that they can have a fair shot at success” (Chance the Rapper, Hometown Hero). Chance used his powerful voice to speak up for issues present in the education system of America, mainly racial equality. Chancelor addresses the issues with funding for the schools, and makes it more of a known issue during his press conference. His local voice and recognition helps and supports the issue, which benefits the cause. Not many artists use their voice for political issues, but Chance does, and it is strongly affecting his community. His empathy for the well-being of the students of color in America is shown when he speaks up for the matter. Chance the Rapper is a hero for the City of Chicago, and the rest of America, because of his persistent humanitarianism for the well-being of the kids of color currently enrolled in the education system.

125035Chance the Rapper speaking at an elementary schoolbillboard.comFrom donating money to donating time, Chance the Rapper continues to show his compassionate side while making a strong effort to improve the lives of many. In Chicago, Chance the Rapper generously started and funds an open-mic event which lets young people express their own creativity. Chance speaks his own opinion on the event: "Whether it's dance, or sing, or rap, or – you know, I've had kids come up and do standup. I had a kid do a fashion show, eat a taco," Chance said. "Whatever they want to do in that three minutes of space as long as it's respectful. They get a moment. And I think it's been transforming for a lot of different kids" (CBS News). This is an opportunity that not many kids get. Chance’s success came from his creativity and desire to make music, which eventually lead to stardom. As he says so himself, it is transforming for different kids. It’s not often that famous musicians do things like this that encourage the youth to express themselves. It’s not only encouraging, but an open window for such talented kids to be noticed by others. Like Chancelor implied, talent is not the goal, it’s the idea that they get a moment. Started by Chance, the organization, “Social Works” is constantly reaching out and doing things for the community: “In 2015 Chance created the Warmest Winter campaign to distribute coats to Chicago's homeless, raising more than $100,000, and partnered with the Chicago Public Library to host 15 free open-mic events for young artists”(“Chance the Rapper”, Contemporary Black Biography). Chancelor reaches out to people in need to support them when they need it most, during the harsh winters of Chicago. Chance uses his success to his advantage, and raises money for places like the Chicago Public Library. He raised over 100,000 which benefited in free open-mic events which gave young artists the chance to perform with no cost. As he continues to work hard on improving the lives of many, he still works hard as a very successful rapper with popular music. All in all, Chance is constantly having positive effects on his community. His benevolence constantly radiates a positive effect on others, especially the youth. His hard-work is a clear example of what it looks like to be not only generous, but living and doing things with a whole heart.

125122Chicago, the Rappers Hometownsocrata.comAs a local from Chicago, Chance the Rapper became a hero because of his humanitarianism and benevolency shown towards the youth of the city. Ever since his successful rap career started, he has been using his success to give back to the youth and the less fortunate. He has worked hard to make student life better, and for students and advocate equal treatment for students and teachers for color. Chance’s strong words about change and humanity have an inspiring effect: “I think our duty as American citizens is to be involved and engaged in anything that affects us. As an artist, I have to use my platform, and as a dad, a brother, and a black man, I have to be as socially woke and present as possible” (Robinson). These words inspire others to become more socially aware of problems in modern day society and act upon them. Chance strives to inspire others, and encourage them to do the right thing. His outreach to his community and his hard work through dedication continue to powerfully improve the lives of others. Chance reached success on his own, and while doing that, he effectively became a local hero to his hometown.


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