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Charlie Bone

by William from La Crescenta

<center>Photos courtesy of Jenny Nimmo and Scholastic Inc.</center>
Photos courtesy of Jenny Nimmo and Scholastic Inc.

My hero is Charlie Bone, the main character from a book series called Charlie Bone. Charlie and his friends go to a school called Bloors Academy. In the first year at Bloors, they find out that a girl named Emma Tolly is being hypnotized by another student named Manfred. Charlie finds a way to break the hypnotism and takes Emma to her family.

In the second book, Charlie’s ancestor named Henry is transported to the future by the Time Twister. Charlie tries to take him back to the past but fails. Then the Bloors find out about what is happening and they go searching for him. Charlie decides to take Henry to his brother. In the next book, a boy named Ollie is made invisible by a magical snake.

In the newest book, Charlie’s friend Billy is in trouble, so Charlie tries to save Billy by taking him to the Castle of Mirrors. There was no one at the castle so the boys go back home to Bloors. There Charlie finds out that his friend is endowed with powers.

Castle of Mirrors (original art work by William)
Castle of Mirrors (original art work by William)

I hope you like these books as much as I do. I like Charlie Bone because he is always there to save his friends. Even when he is far away, he finds out what is going on and saves the day. Someday I hope I can be like Charlie.

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