Charmayne James

by Brooke Lang from Canada

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Who is my hero? Well there is only one person who comes to mind when getting asked that, and it is Charmayne James: a strong, resilient woman who worked so hard for her dreams to come true. Her obsession with barrel racing and horses started when she was 5 years old, and it turned into much more than just an obsession. It turned into a career. She is now retired, but she is still one of the most recognized barrel racers in the world and has a spot in the Cowgirls Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.


Now a little back story on Charmayne. She was born in Amarillo, Texas on June 23rd, 1970, and she grew up in Clayton New Mexico. She was born into a western family, and her father managed a feedlot and had an eye for good horses. Although she is retired, she went on to win 11 world titles in barrel racing, and now lives in Boerne, Texas, not too far from where she was born. Charmayne is still alive today, and she spends most of her time hosting barrel racing clinics to teach up and coming barrel racers. Not only does she spend her time hosting barrel clinics, she also runs her own line of barrel saddles and equine products. I actually own, and ride daily in a Charmayne James barrel saddle, which is from her line of saddles. She is a busy and hardworking woman. 


As I was saying before, Charmayne’s obsession with horses started when she was 5 years old. She began competing at local 4-H shows, which had events like barrel racing, pole bending, the flag race, etc. But she wanted more, and she met Scamper. She purchased Scamper at a horse sale for only $1200, which she definitely made back. When she bought Scamper, he was barely broke, and definitely did not know much about barrels, but Charmayne believed in him. In a short period of time Scamper went from an unbroke horse who knew nothing about barrels to the brokest horse who was amazing at barrels. By the time Charmayne was 13 years old, she started her professional rodeo career. Over the next 18 years of Charmayne's life, she would go on to win 11 world titles, 9 which were won on Scamper.  


Charmayne James is my hero for many reasons. Myself being a barrel racer, with dreams of one day making a career in professional barrel racing, I greatly look up to her. Ever since I was young, I would read articles and watch videos of her and her horse Scamper and only dream that I could follow in her footsteps. Not only have I looked up to her, she has also inspired me to work hard for my dreams. She is a very inspirational cowgirl who worked hard for her accomplishments, and one to look up to. She made a name for herself, with a horse she trained from the ground up, and right there shows how resilient she is. 


Charmayne is one of the world's most recognized cowgirls and always will be. She changed the sport of rodeo in a way that is still noticed today. She is one cowgirl that will never be forgotten. She accomplished her dreams with blood, sweat and tears, and that is why she is my hero. Today she is well known for her line of barrel racing saddles, and of course her barrel racing career. She’s inspired many young cowgirls like myself, and will continue to for many years to come. 


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