Chris Hadfield

by olivia from Canada

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119930ChrisOliviaI chose Chris Hadfield because he is an astronaut and I really like space. My book is a biography and it is written by Chelsea Donaldson.  My book is 24 pages long and was published in 2015. The book´s timeline is from 1959-2013. The book is very informative.

Chris Hadfield was born in 1959 in Sarnia, Ontario and he grew up on a farm in southern Ontario. Chris Hadfield's dad, Roger Hadfield, was a pilot and his mother is Eleanor Hadfield.  He has one brother, Dave Hadfield. He has two sons, Kyle Hadfield and Evan Hadfield and he has a daughter, Kristin Hadfield. Chris Hadfield went to White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville Ontario. Chris Hadfield's dad was a pilot. Chris loved planes because of that. When Chris was nine years old he watched the first moon landing from then on he knew he wanted to be an astronaut. Chris¨s dream of being a astronaut happened and he spent five months living on the ISS. He was the first Canadian space commander.


When Chris Hadfield went to space on his first space walk his eye went blind. Tears in space don't go down your cheek because there is no gravity, so they form a bubble on your eye, so eventually the bubble of water got bigger and bigger until he went blind in both eyes. He did not panic and he called his friend over and he got into the airlock, then his friend took out anti-fog and Chris Hadfield was not blind anymore.  When Chris was nine, he saw the first moon landing on TV, he then knew he wanted to be an astronaut. Chris learnt how to fly planes and he was a test pilot. Chris played the guitar and sang David Bowieś song, ¨A Space Oddity while in space.   Chris was on a space walk and he was one of the first astronauts on the Canadarm.        

I am happy I chose Chris Hadfield because there is lots of information about him, so it is fun to learn facts about him.  I think Chris is a hero because he helped NASA learn more about space.

Some awards that Chris Hadfield got are Order of Canada (2014)  Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)  Service Medal (2002)  Golden Jubilee Medal (2002) Vanier Award (2001) and the Order of Ontario (1996).

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I am Olivia and I really wanted to write about Chris Hadfield because he is an astronaut and I really like learning about space!