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Interview with Christine Devine, Fox News Anchor



We caught up with Fox News Anchor Christine Devine and Managing News Editor Ramona Schindelheim on the red carpet of the Alliance for Women in Media Southern California’s 57th Annual Genii Awards.

Darnell J. Cates, youth ambassador for the Wednesday’s Child program, presented Christine with the Excellence in Journalism Award later that night. Wednesday’s Child, in which Christine profiles a child who needs a family every Wednesday and Sunday night, has led to over 400 adoptions.

WTM: How are you feeling tonight?

CD: It’s an honor to be recognized. As I’ve said before, I’ve watched other women  in the industry get this honor so it’s really awesome to be here, and to be here with the team, because no news cast goes on without the team.  So it’s a chance to honor everybody else who helps put everything together.

WTM: Looking back, do you have any advice for journalists?

CD: To be in journalism, you’ve got to know current events. You’ve got to constantly study every single day because it’s always changing: politics, history, government. President Obama’s in the news today, he’s going to be in the news 20 years from now. You’ve got to know stuff today so you can refer to it  when you’re reporting on it 20 years from now.

WTM: We ask this question of everyone, do you have a hero?

CD: Well I would say my managing editor Ramona has been one of my mentors because when I first came I was so young and so green. She was very helpful and inspirational in helping me stay strong throughout that journey. Remember that book you gave me?

RS: Yes, I do!

CD: The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy! So she’s been a supporter for a long time.

RS: I’m going to say it again… [she’s] smart, and a genuine heart, and I don’t think you get that a lot in this business. It’s been an honor to support her.

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