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Cicely Saunders - Founder of the Hospice Movement: Selected Letters, 1959-1999

By David Clark, Cicely M. Saunders

Publisher: Oxford University Press, November 2002
ISBN: 019851607X
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
In 1967 Dame Cicely Saunders opened St. Christopher's Hospice in London to promote clinical innovation, education and research in the care of dying people. That humanitarian action launched what became the world-wide movement of palliative care. Cicely Saunders had conceived of a comprehensive approah to dealing with the physical, social and psychological suffering of dying people. This book provides an insight into how Dame Cicely's ideas developed, where they took root and the remarkable effects they had subsequently, all around the world. Previously unpublished letters tell the extraordinary story of the international spread of a modern hospice and palliative care movement.
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