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by DanaMae

"A dream that you wish, will come true" - Cinderella
Cinderella & her Prince Charming
Cinderella & her Prince Charming

I think Cinderella is an American Romantic Hero, because she best fits the characteristics of a Romantic Hero. These characteristics are that she is young, innocent, has a sense of humor, has knowledge of people and a life based on a deep understanding. She loves nature and quests for higher truth in life.

In the story she is young and sings heartily. She is innocent because she was hidden from the world by her evil step mother. Never in her life did she choose to rebel or dishonor her step mother, except with a push from her fairy god mother. Also, her whole life she does house work for her step mother and her two step sisters. After she gets help from honest animals, all she wanted was to live a peaceful life with the man she loved.

Cinderella would always get pushed around by her step mother and sisters. But with the help of her fairy god mother, Cinderella meets her one true love, the prince. But before she met her prince, she had to go through a lot. Her step mother wouldn't allow Cinderella to attend the ball, because she wasn't worthy enough. Cinderella obeyed her step mothers commands, but when her fairy god mother appeared, things changed. She went to the ball after all. Before the clock struck 12, she would have to leave the ball. When she met the prince they danced all night, until the clock struck 12. Cinderella rushed out of the palace, but left her shoe behind. The prince forgot to ask for her name, and found her glass slipper. And so he ordered all the workers in the palace to find Cinderella.

As days had passed, there was no luck in finding her, but then the prince reached the home of Cinderella. She was the last female in the house to try on the slipper, and it fit perfectly. And so in the end Cinderella and her prince charming did get married, and lived "HAPPILY EVER AFTER"

I chose Cinderella because as my hero, because she fits all the characteristics of one. She sacrificed a lot, and in the end she got what was meant for her. "Good things come to those who wait".

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