Clara Barton

by Ryan from United States

 Clara Barton 

Can you imagine going up to the front line of the Civil War trying to help hurt soldiers? Clara Barton did just that. From reading about her background and accomplishments, you will see she is a trustworthy person who made society better and, therefore, is a hero. 

Clara Barton showed her love of helping people when she was just a little girl. She was born December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts. She had two sisters, Sally and Dorothea, and two brothers, Stephen and David. Clara was the youngest of the five. When her brother fell off the roof, she took care of him. That's when she found out she loved helping people. Later, Clara Barton went to college in New York. She got a degree in education. After that, she opened her own free public school, which had over 600 students. Eventually, Clara moved to Washington D.C. to work for the patent office. She was not treated well because she was a woman. In fact, all the women got fired. She worked hard to get her job back. After, Clara started to protest for women’s rights. She even got president Abraham Lincoln on her side. Clara Barton died on April 12 in 1912.

130135Clara Barton Public Domain Clara Barton has had many accomplishments in her life which made her become a hero. Right before the Civil War, hurt soldiers came to Washington D.C., and  Clara and her sister did all that they could to help them. Soon, she found out that the soldiers did not have supplies to care for the wounds. Clara went to each battle caring for the soldiers. She was so brave she went right up to where the fighting was happening.  Clara organized a way to bring supplies to the soldiers on the front lines. Then, Clara learned about an organization called the International Red Cross. It was a group of people that helped hurt soldiers in tents. Clara spent many years trying to bring it over to America. Then on May 21, 1881, she founded the American Red Cross in America.

From reading about her background and accomplishments it is clear that Clara Barton’s bravery and determination led to success in the American Red Cross. She persevered and kept trying to help people and society. She really is a hero.      




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