Alexandra Pauline Cohen

by Mea from Sulphur, Louisiana

Sasha Cohen In The Studio (
Sasha Cohen In The Studio (

When asked about my hero, I instinctively think about Superman. As I think deeper into the subject I find that heroes, to me, are people who do everything in their power to achieve their goal. They have perseverance, determination, and courage.

If you were to ask me who my hero is, I would most likely tell you the name Alexandra Pauline "Sasha" Cohen. She is my hero. She has shown perseverance, determination, and courage, all the qualities that define a hero in my eyes. She has fought through the toughest times to achieve her goal. She is the perfect example of a hero.

Sasha's Flexibility (
Sasha's Flexibility (

Sasha Cohen is an American figure skater best known for her spirals, as well as her grace and flexibility on the ice. At a young age she started off in gymnastics, but by the age of seven, the calling of the ice had gotten to her. She would practice every day for hours and hours; she was determined. She wanted to prove that she could do it and she would go to any length to do so. At the age of ten, she was already competing.

Sasha was always in the background, but never in the spotlight, of the skating world. By the age of fifteen, Sasha was already leaving her mark in the skating world with her combination of athleticism, elegance and showmanship. At the 2000 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Sasha came in a surprising second place to Michelle Kwan and the world started to notice the tiny, seventy-nine pound, American, teen skate queen.

After that, she unfortunately injured her back and had to sit out a year of skating, but that didn't stop her. At the 2002 U.S. Nationals, which doubled as the Olympic qualifiers, she received her second silver medal and a slot on the 2002 U.S. Olympics team.

Sasha's 2006 Olympic Silver (
Sasha's 2006 Olympic Silver (

From that point on, Sasha was never again forgotten. Although she had to miss out, again, for a part of the skating season, Sasha still pushed herself to be the best that she could be. By the year 2003 she was receiving all sorts of medals, gold and silver being the most predominate.

At the 2006 Winter Olympics, she had an amazing short program. In the long program, however, she fell, but managed to recover by landing more triples in competition than anyone has ever accomplished. She came in second place with a silver medal around her neck. Later on, at the 2006 World Championship, she placed third coming home with a bronze. Through all the tough times, she has managed to pull through and accomplish what she feels she must. She is truly a hero and she is definitely mine.

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