Comedian Heroes

Comedians live to make us laugh, change our perspective, and enjoy life.

We know that, according to the science of laughter, just watching someone laugh can make us laugh. Or that by deliberately laughing, we can start laughing for real!

MY HERO celebrates comedy heroes--who not only make us see the lighter side of life, but also make us healthier by living to make us laugh.

Stories about Heroes Who Make us Laugh

Dr. Patch Adams

By: Kelly Stephenson
Dr. Patch Adams gives the practice of medicine a humorous twist.

Charlie Chaplin

By: Neil from Fredericksburg
Charlie Chaplin taught us to laugh in the face of adversity.

Will Rogers

By: Rebecca Miller
Will Rogers was a beloved humorist and humanitarian.

Lucille Ball

By: Samantha from Andalusia
Lucille Ball: A Hero in Disguise

Adam Sandler

By: Jorge from Tampico


By: Fabrice from France
Coluche is a French humorist who created an organization to feed the poor

Bob Hope

By: Nina from Hobart
Bob Hope had the rare ability to bring laughter everywhere he went.

Carol Burnett

By: Hannah from Herrin, Ill.
Carol Burnett an award-winning actress and comedienne.

Jackie Chan

By: Dana from San Diego
Jackie Chan is a beloved comedic martial artist and philanthropist.

Will Smith

By: Molly from New Haven
Will Smith is a musician and actor whose roles are often heroic and funny.

Matt Groening

By: Ryan Yandersits from Center Valley

Featured Student Art Celebrating Heroes who make us Laugh

Robin Williams- Thank you for Making Us Laugh

By: Ben Heine

Dave Chappelle explores issues of race using humor to present them

By: Benny Friedman of Taft High School

Ellen Degeneres Uses humor to engage audiences in social justice issues

By: Quinn from Laguna

Featured Student Film Honoring Dr. Smile

Dr. Smile

Producer: Aaron Hernandez, Renata Schweers, Renata Ferrari, Andres Sierra - MEXI...
Dr. Smile is an organization devoted to bring laughter and hope to kids with cancer. CRAFTS ENGLISH WORKSHOPS - MEXICO

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