Paul Confiant

by P.J. Confiant from Sydney N.S.

Paul Confiant is a loving husband and father. Paul was born March 4, 1952. He is a painter who works hard everyday to support his family, and is always there to help them and care for them.

Some people may consider Paul Confiant a hero because he is very courageous. In 1991, Paul's brother, David Confiant, was in need of a new kidney. Paul's blood type was a match and he went into surgery to donate his kidney to his brother. He saved his brother's life.

There are other reasons why Paul Confiant can be considered a hero, like the fact that he cares for his family. He is always there for them when they are sick or in trouble. For example, when his son was only nine, Paul was there to carry him to the car and take him to the hospital to get stitches when he cut his foot. He always lends them an open hand.

Paul Confiant perseveres in the face of hardship. When Paul was a child, he was poverty-stricken. When he was in grade twelve, he dropped out because he had to work. Now that he is older, he has a family of five to support so he works hard at what he does. Paul Confiant is a painter. Painting is a very physically demanding job and he still works everyday even with his back problems.

All that Paul Confiant has been through with disease and growing up with very little, he still gives to the people he cares about. Paul is also very hardworking and is a caring father. I believe these things make him a hero.

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Extra Info

Written by Paul Confiant's son.
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