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As the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues, people worldwide have offered an outpouring of love and support for the Ukrainian people. Over six million refugees have fled Ukraine and the internal refugee situation is still dire. The crisis threatens to increase hunger around the world and the threat of nuclear war still looms. Let’s not forget Ukraine: the people of Ukraine and the countries that have taken them are in need of our continued support.

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How to Support Relief Efforts in Ukraine

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer

Coverage from the Christian Science Monitor

Refugee Children
Credit: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters
Sunflowers and poppies
Credit: Flickr

Confronting war, young Ukrainians find new purpose

By: Scott Peterson CSM Staff writer @peterson__scott

How to help Ukraine? A sampling of charitable efforts.

By: David Clark Scott, Audience Engagement Editor @davidclarkscott
Christian Science Monitor recommendations for how to help in Ukraine.

'We want to keep Ukraine free.’ Why women rise in Ukraine army

By: Martin Kuz CSM Correspondent • Dominique Soguel Special correspondent E
Gender roles have been evolving fast in the Ukrainian army – even as stereotypes persist.

Ukraine’s example for other bullied democracies

By: the Monitor's Editorial Board
The civic unity of Ukrainians may inspire countries like Taiwan, South Korea, and Iraq in resisting dictators nearby.

Why a region that voted against Zelenskyy now embraces him

By: Martin Kuz Special correspondent @MartinKuz
Today Zelenskyy is the moral conscience of a nation, whose daily speeches inspire his people.

Ukrainian refugees push westward, feeling both relief and sorrow

By: Martin Kuz CSM Correspondent @MartinKuz
In Lviv, the last major city before the Polish border, a crush of Ukrainian refugees is relieved to be safe but anguished about all they’ve left behind as they rush toward the unknown

Ukraine’s lesson for the world: Democracy matters

By: By Ned Temko Correspondent
Democracies worldwide have looked weak and divided, recently. In Europe, Ukraine’s fight for its freedom has put steel in their spines.

The help-a-refugee way to save Ukraine

By: CSM Editorial Board
Generosity toward the war’s refugees, especially nonUkrainians, helps counter Russia’s excuse for the invasion.

Ukraine refugees met with outpouring of compassion

By: Stephen McGrath Associated Press

Finding the heart of a people’s resistance

By: Clayton Collins Director of Editorial Innovation @ClayCollinsCSM

Ukraine leader Zelenskyy’s wild ride: Jewish comedian to national hero

By: John Daniszewski Associated Press

MY HERO stories from students in Ukraine

Stories from Youth in the Ukraine

By: Jeanne Meyers
Grateful for the participation of teachers and students from Ukraine who contributed their hero stories to MY HERO over the years. Here are select stories from the MY HERO library.

Other Stories

Julian Lennon Releases John Lennon's "Imagine" for Ukraine Benefit

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer
Julian Lennon Releases John Lennon's "Imagine" for Ukraine benefit
Freedom Boxes
Credit: Freedom Boxes

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