Alice Cooper

by Jacob from Ventura

Alice Cooper was born Vincent Furnier, and received the name of Alice Cooper when he was in a band of the same name. People thought that he was Alice Cooper so he took on that stage name, and became a very famous Rock artist under that name. He is not a hero by most people’s standards. The reason he is my hero, is because he was able to overcome a very large problem with alcoholism, and he just came back stronger than ever. I really admire him for that because I have seen how hard it is for people with addictions, to get over them, and to become a stronger person afterwards is even more admirable.

Believe it or not, but he really is a person people can look up to. Most people do not look past his stage act, which would imply that he is on the edge of insanity. He contributes to charities, and he is just a nice guy in general.

One of the other impressive things about him is his energy on stage. Its no secret that he is getting old, but talking from experience, he still puts on a very good stage show, and he still has a lot of talent.

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