Coronavirus Art Contest Winners: Fall 2021

Student Art Contest Winners and Finalists

Coronavirus Art Contest Winners
Credit: MY HERO

Elementary Student Winners

Overall Winner

We Can Build a Covid Free World If We Unite

By: Matthew Yi

Elementary student artist Matthew Yi from Louisianna, USA

Essential Worker Heroes

Salute to Corona Warriors

By: Aldrina Santhosh

 Elementary student artist Aldrina Santhosh from BRAMPTON, Ontario in Canada

Fight against Corona

By: Divesh Jaya Chandran

Elementary student artist Divesh Jaya Chandran from Singapore in Singapore

How to Prevent Coronavirus

Stop Coronavirus

By: Marissa Huang

Elementary student artist Marissa Huang from United States

The Heros

By: vincent jiang

Elementary student artist Vincent Jiang from United States

Middle School Student Winners

Overall Winner

Always with You

By: Deepshikha De

Middle school student artist Deepshikha De from Noida in India

Medical Staff Heroes

Doctors are Worriers

By: Syed Ibne Ali

Middle school student artist Syed Ibne Ali from Karachi in Pakistan

My Heroes

By: Mahnoor

Middle school student artist Mahnoor from Karachi in Pakistan

How to Prevent Coronavirus/Changes Since 2019

Be a Hero During Coronavirus

By: Erum

Middle school student artist Erum from Karachi in Pakistan

Stay Home - Stay Safe

By: Bisma Barkat

Middle school student artist Bisma Barkat from Karachi in Pakistan

Essential Worker Heroes

Covid Heroes

By: Baligh Barkat

Middle school student artist Baligh Barkat from Karachi in Pakistan

High School Student Winners

Essential Worker Heroes

Covid Superheroes

By: Jamie Park

High school student artist Jamie Park from New York City, New York

Prevent Coronavirus

We Can Do It

By: Juhyoung Lee

High school student artist Juhyoung Lee from New York City, New York.

Originality in Art

Anti-epidemic Hero

By: XiYao Yin

High school student artist XiYao Yin from Rosemead CA 

College Student Winner

Corona warriors

By: Nilesh Kanwar

College student artist Nilesh Kanwar from Korba in India

Finalist artwork submitted by elementary, middle and high school students.

Online Hero

By: Aaron Zhang

Elementary student artist Aaron Zhang from the United States

We are Invincible

By: Angelina Hao

Middle school student artist Angelina Hao from British Columbia, Canada

My Heroes During Coronavirus

By: Areeba Aijaz

Middle school student artist Areeba Aijaz from Karachi in Pakistan.

Father is Real Hero

By: Iman Abdul Rahim

Middle school student artist Iman Abdul Rahim from Karachi in Pakistan.

Don't Let Our Heros Down

By: Angela Kim

High school student artist Angela Kim from New York City, New York

Thank you, Essential Workers

By: Victoria Lin

High school student artist Victoria Lin from Rocklin, California in United States

All Coroanvirus Art Contest Submissions

Coronavirus Contest Submissions 2021
Credit: MY HERO

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