Coronavirus Heroes Contest Artwork 2020

Art Celebrating Corona Virus Health Heroes

Coronavirus Community Heroes Contest Winners Art 2020
Credit: MY HERO

2020 Winners - High School 

Credit: Sarina Vaziri
Hoorain Amjad Artwork
Credit: Hoorain Amjad


Corona Heroes

By: Armina Vaziri

Wear a Mask

By: Nikta Hashemi

Salute to All Frontliners

By: Arfa Tariq

Those Working in the Health Field are Heroes

By: Adrina Rajabi


By: Rida Noor

Heroes during the Coronavirus

By: S.M. Mukarram

Covid 19 Heroes

By: Maham Mushtaq

Covid 19 Heroes

By: Rafay Ali
There are many heroes during the coronavirus.

Nurses are Human by Birth and Heroes by Choice

By: Zahub Siddiqui

My Heroes During Covid

By: Asad Amir Ali

Covid Super Heroes

By: Izaan Shan
Doctors, reporters, and police are super heroes who are hardworking, caring, fight, save and sacrifice.

Heroes during the Coronavirus

By: Ahmed Siddiqui

My Heroes During the Coronavirus

By: Arwa Abbas

Doctors are Covid 19 Heroes

By: Noor Ul Amin

Doctors are Coronavirus Heroes

By: Zuhair Ali

Coronavirus Hero

By: Hadia Fatima

Fight Corona

By: Ibne Ali

The Saver of Planet Earth

By: Javeria Khan

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Credit: Public Domain

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